For people who happen to be parents.
Mother Pukka

For people who happen to be parents

Mother Pukka

20-04-2017 Blog

Age of consent

How do you feel about sharing photos of your kid/s on the internet? It’s a question… more ›


07-04-2017 Blog

Come fly with me

I remember flying to Amsterdam on my own last year. I was without Mae and without… more ›

Mother Pukka, Papa Pukka and Mae photographed wearing superhero outfits by Little Dish.

27-03-2017 Blog

Ready to pop

Despite a lovely (and possibly well-meaning) old lady on the bus yesterday saying, ‘you are definitely… more ›


23-03-2017 Blog

Food baby

  We didn’t do the maths, really. A two-bedroom house for four people (one due to… more ›

IMG_0885 (1)_1

19-03-2017 Blog

In the bag

I remember my husband Matt venturing into Chanel the day before my birthday. (It was noted… more ›

Mother Pukka on Instagram

Mother Pukka
Claudia Winkleman stars alongside the Scummy Mummies and Mother Pukka to confess parenting fibs ahead of Big Little Lies (2) copy

11-03-2017 Blog

True lies

If you haven’t threatened to call Father Christmas/ The Easter Bunny/ The Tooth Fairy at least… more ›

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28-02-2017 Blog

Dream team

This is no brown-nosing exercise, nor is it fan girling. At a push it’s fan nosing.… more ›

IMG_3914 copy

21-02-2017 Blog

At a total loss

First published in The Telegraph. All copyright reserved. I was walking through the baby food aisle… more ›

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05-02-2017 Blog

Time to man up

I am disappointed to reveal that there hasn’t been much excitement for me in the toilet… more ›

flexible working

25-01-2017 Blog

Flex it up

PAPA PUKKA: Tackle the most common objections to flexible working (or resort to insults) with this simple guide


Mother Pukka on YouTube

Mother Pukka
Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka and Matt Farquarson, aka Papa Pukka, with daughter Mae.

19-01-2017 Blog

Dolly mixture

How a dinosaur turned me into an accidental feminist, and why I’m going on the woman’s march

IMG_9249 copy

19-01-2017 Blog

Porn free

“What do the kids actually do on Instagram?” – a query to a former colleague last… more ›

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18-01-2017 Blog

Baby love

On Monday night I got touched up by the film director Sharon Maguire. It was everything… more ›


07-01-2017 Blog

Gang(mum) style

Pa Whitehouse imparted some advice when I was a feral youth: “Don’t look up to people… more ›

Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka photographed with her daughter Mae.

06-01-2017 Blog

Just a flex machine

We’ve flash mobbed, we’ve talked, we’ve emoji-ed, we’ve DM-ed, we’ve hugged it out and we’ve worked… more ›

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