For people who happen to be parents.
Mother Pukka

For people who happen to be parents

Mother Pukka
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24-08-2016 Blog

Round the bend

I’m all over the place – physically and mentally. My grey matter has been through the life… more ›


22-08-2016 Blog

Fannying about

I’m Sister Pukka. Not in the nun/religious sense; more best friend and rival to Mother Pukka… more ›


10-08-2016 Blog

Eyes on the prize

It’s been 14 days, 23 minutes and 34 seconds of one-on-one time with the urchin. We’ve… more ›


08-08-2016 Blog

Crying out loud

This was the moment I became a parent. It was 32 degrees and I was trapped… more ›

Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka and Matt Farquarson, aka Papa Pukka, with daughter Mae.

03-08-2016 Blog

Super gran

I will never forget hollering to my Mum aged 17: “Sex is, like, the most natural… more ›

Mother Pukka on Instagram

Mother Pukka

25-07-2016 Blog

What a hoo ha

This isn’t going to be a pity party (if anything it’s a shitty party, with stale… more ›


20-07-2016 Blog

Get outta here

It was first a drunken Topshop Lycra-embellished post-GCSE jaunt to Magaluf in 1997, then onto Tuscany… more ›

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06-07-2016 Blog


I was standing on the junction of a main road, grappling toddler (making noise like a… more ›

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28-06-2016 Blog

Let’s get digital

As we launch our FLEX APPEAL – a campaign encouraging companies to loosen the 9-5 shackles… more ›

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27-06-2016 Blog

That’s rich

I wanted to pick up on something the ace Charlotte Philby from Motherland mentioned in a post… more ›


Mother Pukka on YouTube

Mother Pukka
Miles Aldridge, Lógi Cult (3)

14-06-2016 Blog

Gimme a gram

So my new office is a little pink and orange box filled with about 400 million… more ›


12-06-2016 Blog

Copy cat

The technique was simple: elbow primed, head lowered and a quick bum shuffle 35 degrees to… more ›

Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, photographed with daughter Mae "The Urchin" in Hackney.

01-06-2016 Blog

Super human

One of my fave Instagram followers @mrsmorganallen asked last night on a comment, ‘are you OK?… more ›


27-05-2016 Blog

Happy hour

So I’m going to preface this with: I think we can (mostly) be trusted to not… more ›

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Mother Pukka is a portal for news, events, reviews and honest comment for people who happen to be parents.

A journalist, editor and mother in search of pukka things for her kid, founder Anna Whitehouse previously worked as the Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam before writing about shoes and handbags for fashion labels SuperTrash and Tommy Hilfiger.

Looking for a change of pace, she recently returned to London and now works as a writer at Shortlist Media. Likes: super hero cape-making classes. Dislikes: the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Bennifer, Brange etc.)

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