For people who happen to be parents.
Mother Pukka

For people who happen to be parents

Mother Pukka

11-09-2017 Blog

Oh what a night

We wrote a book together called Parenting The Shit Out of Life. Both Matt and I… more ›


25-08-2017 Blog

We are family

  Other than the occasional run-in over a dismembered Barbie doll, my sister and I used… more ›


01-08-2017 Blog

Just do it

My parental agenda is painfully simple: Let her choose. For all the dinosaurs, princesses, blue and… more ›

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Mother Pukka
Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, photographed at home with her daughter Mae.

08-06-2017 Blog

Work it baby

‘Pregnancy’. When did it become such a dirty word? “I’m pregnant”. It sure isn’t in social… more ›


07-06-2017 Blog

The fear factor #ad

I’m someone who handles tangible things really well. So if faced with my Mum’s cottage pie,… more ›

Port Lympne we are Early morning wake up call

30-05-2017 Blog

Dances with dinosaurs

PAPA PUKKA: Number one will soon have some competition for our time. So we went to Kent to sleep with monkeys and dance with dinosaurs.


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Mother Pukka

18-05-2017 Blog

Slumber party

There was one night when I woke up on the beach outside my hut in Koh… more ›


17-05-2017 Blog

Pregnancy test

“Congratulations” It’s a word used for weddings, engagements, exams results, new homes and births. For me,… more ›


16-05-2017 Blog

Jammy dodger

I am Lucia, Anna’s from Mother Pukka’s mother and I am writing this with a cupof… more ›

FullSizeRender copy

12-05-2017 Blog

Sock it to ’em

  There’s a floodlit football pitch next to Mae’s nursery. It’s opposite the Leyton Orient stadium… more ›


20-04-2017 Blog

Age of consent

How do you feel about sharing photos of your kid/s on the internet? It’s a question… more ›

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Mother Pukka is a portal for news, events, reviews and honest comment for people who happen to be parents.

A journalist, editor and mother in search of pukka things for her kid, founder Anna Whitehouse previously worked as the Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam before writing about shoes and handbags for fashion labels SuperTrash and Tommy Hilfiger.

Looking for a change of pace, she recently returned to London and now works as a writer at Shortlist Media. Likes: super hero cape-making classes. Dislikes: the naming of celebrity couples (TomKat, Bennifer, Brange etc.)

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